Concert Outfits (What to wear!?)

Hey guys! First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! i hope you all had fun time and lets hope that 2014 doesn’t disappoint! Now to more important matters, so next week im heading to the Taylor swift concert and i have no idea of what to wear! Think about it what do you wear to an event, where you are going to be dancing and standing up for hours? obviously you want to wear something which will be comfortable while your banging your head, twirling and jumping to your favourite songs. So i did some research and i found out that many people prefer to wear shorts and some high top/ low cut converse combine with a nice funky tee or shirt. So last week i headed down to one of my favourite stores (Dotti) and while i was searching for a nice, cute yet comfortable pair of shorts; my eyes landed on these incredibly beautiful denim shorts. I have to say though it was love at first sight, they had a very pretty lace detail at the bottom border and the pocket was covered with a lacy design too. so the next day after work i ran to the store and yep u guess the rest! (Hint: i bought them). Anyway the point is that i had never been so excited for a pair of shorts (materialism took over me). So when the concert came about i decided to wear my NEW shorts and ofcourse i wore a dotti tee that i just happen to but too LOL. Anyway so thats it for my occasional rant, thank you all for reading and for being interest and i promise i will have MUCH more interesting blogs later on

Bye for now

xo Sabriina


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