My name is Sabrina, this is my first blog ever! so im really excited anyways here is my Goal: i want to use this blog to help other find and define their personal STYLE but i also want write about the random-est things you could possibly think of. Now a few Random Facts: my favorite colour is Turquoise i love Fashion and Art. i dont think im an artist but many people seem to gasp every time they see one of my works so i assume that im good its either that or i just happend to have something on my face every time i paint which it isn’t surprising at all. As you guys can already see i tend to go on with words so please try to ignore me if i do that 🙂 . what i hope you get out of my blog: well, that you relate in some issues and get ideas on how to wear certain pieces of clothing. i dont want you to follow everything i do and i dont want to change your style but i want you to get inspired with every thing that i put in here.

This is What my Face looks like. Ahhhhh!… i know right. just kidding 🙂


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