Concert Outfits (What to wear!?)

Hey guys! First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! i hope you all had fun time and lets hope that 2014 doesn’t disappoint! Now to more important matters, so next week im heading to the Taylor swift concert and i have no idea of what to wear! Think about it what do you wear to an event, where you are going to be dancing and standing up for hours? obviously you want to wear something which will be comfortable while your banging your head, twirling and jumping to your favourite songs. So i did some research and i found out that many people prefer to wear shorts and some high top/ low cut converse combine with a nice funky tee or shirt. So last week i headed down to one of my favourite stores (Dotti) and while i was searching for a nice, cute yet comfortable pair of shorts; my eyes landed on these incredibly beautiful denim shorts. I have to say though it was love at first sight, they had a very pretty lace detail at the bottom border and the pocket was covered with a lacy design too. so the next day after work i ran to the store and yep u guess the rest! (Hint: i bought them). Anyway the point is that i had never been so excited for a pair of shorts (materialism took over me). So when the concert came about i decided to wear my NEW shorts and ofcourse i wore a dotti tee that i just happen to but too LOL. Anyway so thats it for my occasional rant, thank you all for reading and for being interest and i promise i will have MUCH more interesting blogs later on

Bye for now

xo Sabriina


Ankle Jeans/Converse Trend!

Hello Guys, i would like to apologise for my lack of posts! (i know i did it again) :(. Anyway lets get right to business, so Im incredibly excited to be getting involved in this really versatile and fashionable trend (well i i think its a trend lol) It is not only very chic but its a really good way to stay comfortable or get you out of any rushing mornings as it is vey simple and easy to combine with any top. The way that i usually like to style these are paring my ankle jeans preferably with a midriff or a very nice muscle tee top from Cotton On, In my opinion Cotton On have the best muscle tees as thy have a variety of colours and they are practically always on sale 2 for $30 Guys!!! This trend has been used by celebrities so much which is why i got inspired to recreate it by adding my own style which is match with muscle tees! (i will be making a blog shortly based on Muscle Tees! and my obsession) The way that the ankle jeans and the Converse match together is so Amazing i absolutely love this style and i am daring enough to say that it is soo mee! I also advise you guys that you can wear this style with sweaters and high heels as you can see on my (tuulavintage) photo. The way that this very simple and casual style can be dressed up makes this an outfit in which can be worn to special events. And at the end of the day they are dressed down by putting own your fave pair of converse shoes i prefer as see in the pictures below white ones or grey-ish ones. So there you go guys i hope you inspired by this very special little trend and make sure to dress your ankle jeans up or down!

Sabriina xo



MY apology and Pretty Little Liars Special

Hey peeps, Sorry i did it again (oops i did it again, no Britney shut up) i disappeared again but Ive been super busy these past week, with my return from south America. my life has been packed and im sorry for not taking time of to blog to you guys :(. Anyways in other subjects/news lately, no since always Ive been obsessed with Pretty Little Liars! Its my favorite tv show ever and what makes me love it even more is their fashion. Each character fashion style is so different from each others that i can definitely get so much inspiration when i get dressed in the mornings. OK so lets begin with my PLL fashion special…

Let’s start with Aria Montgomery

Since i first saw aria in season 1 i knew she was a fan of layers and stripes, aria style is very unique, edgy and bohemian with a dash of quirkiness.


here Ive put together some of my favorite Aria looks from season 1. I love the way she mixes prints, and is very unique. The way she puts an outfit is so effortlessly makes u feel how da heck did she put that together.

Spencer Hastings

Spencer is very classy, sophisticated casual. With spencer her style is all about the vintage, she is always seen wearing something uve never seen before. Spencer stye is all about character, one day she could be wearing a cowgirl outfit head to toe she is always plying dress up and i love this about her that she can pull this off perfectly.

Season 1 favorite outfits…

spencerhastings (1)

These girls are my fave pretty little liars they are both classy and edgy with a twist of bohemian sophisticated.

Hanna Marin

She is the ‘it girl, the new queen bee. her is style is spectacularly edgy and sexy. She is all about the accessories. and handbags AND shoes! Hanna has the best shoes. the prettiest and highest! her style involves a lot of the trendy stuff she sets the trends and makes the trends.

hanna marin

Emily Fields

Emily is very casual, In fact the most casual girl in the group she is simple and her outfits always look very comfortable. With Emily her shoes are the best part, she wears a lot of super cool converse, boots, combat boots. Leather jacket loose tanks and denim shirts. I admire her style and she is so fashionable even though she is very casual but she does have an edge with her clothes.

emily fields

Here you go guys. please let me know in the commets who your favorite PLL girl is and why? Also who is your style more similar to is it Aria, Spencer, Emily or Hanna?

xo Sabriina

Im Alive + New Fashion Feed

Hello!! I apologize for my dissapearance, ive been super busy as most of you know im in south america (i mentioned this on my last blog) Im having quite a good time i guess although i desperately miss Australia and above all else i miss my baby (my dog) i cant wait to go back! Anyway i will try to keep in touch more and talk less and blog more about fashion (hehe). I will do little updates on how things are going and im going to do be doing a blog about the wonders of Peru. 

So this is whats up, lately ive been really interested in very casual looks. I like comfy but stylish outfits so definetely nothing thats too over the top. So here are some of the outfits that i found on instagram that i absolutely loved (btw follow me on instagram my fashion account @sabriina1112 and my other one is @sabriinaa12)

here they are. ImageImageImageImage


Sabriina xo

Busy Busy Busy! + trends!

Hello everyone! i hope everyone is doing well so sorry that i havent been posting but as most of you know im leaving to south america soon so its been madness! So to make up for my absence i will make a little update on what fashion has been up to these couple of week.

Lately I have been noticing that animal faces haves been appearing quite a lot on T’shirts, is this a new trend? I think that this is a very playful summer look although I dont have one myself they are very stylish. They basically come in every type of t’shirt my personal favourite are the long ones t’shirts with the white leopard face on them. I think that it looks so chic and very youthful. Go on girls and dont be shy to show your inner animal with this really cool new trend.

Here i have some examples on how you can wear them. Let me know which one is your fave.


Sabriina xo

Random Thoughts + Summer Fashion

Hello everyone! so lately i’ve been wanting to write about the new things coming up for me. I’ve been just finished all my exams and now it’s time to relax which is why i want to do a little photo shoot on my favourite summer outfits (so definitely keep an eye out for that ). I have more good news im going away at the end of the year to a secret location which i will let you guys know when im there (its a surprise). In other topics im really excited because finally it’s summer and well that means that my birthday is coming soon! (YAY!) and that means that with summer and my birthday amazing outfits to come.

In other news (or what i like to call it Random thoughts) today i wanted to do a post on summer outfit but im just going to include little thoughts on that in this post. Lets begin…

1. Summer means its time to bring out those short shorts so ladies get going and get yours now! they come in so many different designs now e.g. tinted shorts some have the ends coloured in green or purple or other colours. Also the high waist shorts the obviously come from the 90s so the only different thing about the design is that they are shorter and higher on the waist.


2. Sunny Wonderland. that’s right guys I’m talking about the sunnies (sunglasses guys) they are so popular and my personal favorite are the RayBan designs. They are cheaper versions of them but they still rock you eyes out 🙂


3. Silky shirts. I’m referring to the ever so popular no sleeves silky shirts that are now worn by tying them up all the way to the collar (i have an example on my media page) they also come in many designs e.g. accent collar chain or studded, different colour of collar than the rest of the shirt.


4.  Funky T’s. Lately i have been seeing very colour full white T’ shirts they have very cool drawings on them and look very light so they are definitely suitable for summer. I’ve mainly seen these at Sportsgirl so go their website ( ) or the store itself because they have great T’shirts for summer.


Last but not least…

5. The Jewellery. this summer is all about the ‘arm swag’, i talkin about staking bracelets these are so popular and very chic. I myself are a big fan of the ‘arm swag’, i love them. now if you just thrown a bunch of bracelets and bangles together you might find yourself in a bit of a mismatched so i have a few tips.If your outfit is colorful, accent your wrist with coordinating or complementary colors. Go for brights and pastels and intermix a few textures. Dont be afraid to mix and match (as i always say just go crazy with fashion and you can surprise yourself on how good it looks and if it doesn’t then just try again)If you decided on more neutral tones and simplicity, make your accessories bold. Layer gold and silver accents in thin and thick sizes. Spikes, leather wraps, and watches will also take a simple outfit to a whole other level.


I hope you found this helpful and entertaining thank you for reading!

xo Sabriina