Busy Busy Busy! + trends!

Hello everyone! i hope everyone is doing well so sorry that i havent been posting but as most of you know im leaving to south america soon so its been madness! So to make up for my absence i will make a little update on what fashion has been up to these couple of week.

Lately I have been noticing that animal faces haves been appearing quite a lot on T’shirts, is this a new trend? I think that this is a very playful summer look although I dont have one myself they are very stylish. They basically come in every type of t’shirt my personal favourite are the long ones t’shirts with the white leopard face on them. I think that it looks so chic and very youthful. Go on girls and dont be shy to show your inner animal with this really cool new trend.

Here i have some examples on how you can wear them. Let me know which one is your fave.


Sabriina xo


Random Thoughts + Summer Fashion

Hello everyone! so lately i’ve been wanting to write about the new things coming up for me. I’ve been just finished all my exams and now it’s time to relax which is why i want to do a little photo shoot on my favourite summer outfits (so definitely keep an eye out for that ). I have more good news im going away at the end of the year to a secret location which i will let you guys know when im there (its a surprise). In other topics im really excited because finally it’s summer and well that means that my birthday is coming soon! (YAY!) and that means that with summer and my birthday amazing outfits to come.

In other news (or what i like to call it Random thoughts) today i wanted to do a post on summer outfit but im just going to include little thoughts on that in this post. Lets begin…

1. Summer means its time to bring out those short shorts so ladies get going and get yours now! they come in so many different designs now e.g. tinted shorts some have the ends coloured in green or purple or other colours. Also the high waist shorts the obviously come from the 90s so the only different thing about the design is that they are shorter and higher on the waist.


2. Sunny Wonderland. that’s right guys I’m talking about the sunnies (sunglasses guys) they are so popular and my personal favorite are the RayBan designs. They are cheaper versions of them but they still rock you eyes out 🙂


3. Silky shirts. I’m referring to the ever so popular no sleeves silky shirts that are now worn by tying them up all the way to the collar (i have an example on my media page) they also come in many designs e.g. accent collar chain or studded, different colour of collar than the rest of the shirt.


4.  Funky T’s. Lately i have been seeing very colour full white T’ shirts they have very cool drawings on them and look very light so they are definitely suitable for summer. I’ve mainly seen these at Sportsgirl so go their website (www.sportsgirl.com.au ) or the store itself because they have great T’shirts for summer.


Last but not least…

5. The Jewellery. this summer is all about the ‘arm swag’, i talkin about staking bracelets these are so popular and very chic. I myself are a big fan of the ‘arm swag’, i love them. now if you just thrown a bunch of bracelets and bangles together you might find yourself in a bit of a mismatched so i have a few tips.If your outfit is colorful, accent your wrist with coordinating or complementary colors. Go for brights and pastels and intermix a few textures. Dont be afraid to mix and match (as i always say just go crazy with fashion and you can surprise yourself on how good it looks and if it doesn’t then just try again)If you decided on more neutral tones and simplicity, make your accessories bold. Layer gold and silver accents in thin and thick sizes. Spikes, leather wraps, and watches will also take a simple outfit to a whole other level.


I hope you found this helpful and entertaining thank you for reading!

xo Sabriina

Casually Casual

Hello world! so today i decided to write about my personal style (well sort off) i wanted to write about ways that you can have an everyday effortless and still look super awesome and well presented AND still show of your really good taste in clothes look. (wow thats a very long name for a look, oh well :))

Usually what i really like to wear on a daily basis is something that is comfortable but still looks FAB! so a pair of jeans is a must for me i cant live without them and i never want to, to me jeans really show of your personality as there are so many shades, colours and textures that you can wear. My personal favorite type of jeans are skinny ripped jeans. I have a pair which i wear all the time. They are a really light shade of blue so they definitely brighten up your outfit. Another must in my everyday style are either my Sportsgirl converse shoes or my combat boots (you never know when you’re gonna be in combat). i cant remember the last time i didn’t wear them. they are literally the only shoes i wear (i know im a freak).

I really like to mix and match a lot. I think that by fixing different fabrics and patterns you can definitely discover something that you thought would have never looked good and realise that it actually isn’t that bad… In terms of discussing tops and shirts and blouses and tanks, i absolutely go for the shirts or really simple tops and to spicy things up with a really pretty statement necklace or a vest something that will make my outfit standout.

In winter i adore sweaters! they are my best friend when its cold. they come in so many different sizes and colours and the thing is that if its too big it doesn’t matter because thats how the kids wear them these days. they are funky and absolutely adorbs my favorite way of wearing sweater is with nice thick  leggings something that isn’t to overt the top so that way my really funky sweater can stand out. I think that wool cardigans are also very very cool in winter you can style them with jeans or a nice pattern top underneath. I love wearing them with beanies i think that they give you a very cute youthful flair and they look amazing! So now remember that if your sense of style is more of casual all the time it doesn’t mean you cant look mouth dropping extraordinary 😮 (hahaha)

xo Sabriina


ripped skinny jeans, sportsgirl converse shoes and a fun coloured t- shirt


really fun oversize sweater with legging/jeans


Big Funky Cardigan on top of a patterned shirt with legging/jeans

Its High Waisted Time

photo 120130630-133622.jpgHello Everyone, so i know that i have already posted something today but i cant help it is really fun to blog about fashion. okey like i stated it my last post, i went shopping on the weekend (so Fun) and i went around stores looking for really good discounts and bargains (in other words SALE!) it wasn’t difficult at all as it is almost christmas so the stores are now packed. Anyway… so i was able to find these amazing high waisted skinny jeans for 50% off!!! (i know right) it was incredible to see the price tag on the jeans. so on the tag they had the name Stevie printed on it so i realised that the jeans came with a name they also had a little caption which i just have to tell you guys what it was  (cough) and i quote (from the tag) “the charmer who’s epitome of the modern girl. she’ll always mould your curves and make you feel like a million.”  my jeans are called Stevie. This Jeans are absolutely incredible and they definitely make you feel as if you were back in the 70s or 90s i am so glad that they are back in style. Back in the day high waisted jeans were worn in the simplest forms e.g. a tight top tucked in jeans and pulled up all the way to the waist so that they can reveal your ankle. i dont think that this is some way that they could be worn today as style has definitely evolved since then. If you have no idea idea of how to wear high waisted jeans well here is your answer. personally i feel that its good to just go with your instincts in terms of fashion i definitely didn’t know how to style them if i hadn’t just gone crazy with my tops and accessories. My favorite way of wearing them is with a loose shirt tucked into the jeans with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows and of course a statement necklace. in terms of shoes i would just add a rocker flair with my combat boots. So  guys if you are not sue about getting high waisted jeans, think again because just like what Stevie says “they will make you feel like a million” (i think the last part is meant to be like a million dollars) 🙂

xo Sabriina


Denim Is Back In

Okey so you guys have probably been walking around at your favorite store and have happend to come a cross the most beautiful thing you have ever encountered and that is the magnificent Denim Shirt. this definitely happend to me and this is how it went.

It was a breeze afternoon in Sydney(Australia) while i was walking in the Westfield it happend!

okey enough with all that over dramatic stuff, as i was saying i went to the Westfield at Bondi i went to stores around that area  and they all happend to have these amazing denim shirt i tried some on at various stores  but i didnt quite like the design so there i was feeling so disappointed in those stores until i came across one place that stood out because they had these really bright colours in they’re front window (it was Just Jeans).  i just went in and then there it was the magical and beautiful, (ok maybe not magical) Denim Shirt. and of course i bought it (YAY for Me!). so i decided to show you guys really cool ways that denim shirts can be used incase any of ypu have any at home and are looking for really cute ways of wearing them so here are my top 3 fave ways.

1. Jeans (any shade, depends what kind of shade your denim shirt is. in my case mine is a dark blue-ish colour) white singlet and on top your denim shirt and of course accessorise with a long necklace.

2. Get a pair of your fave shorty shorts (these can be any type of colour) then again white singlet and your denim shirt on top but this time slide the sleeves of your shirt up to your elbows and accessorise in any way you like.

3. this one you can wear with any type of pants, put on your white singlet and denim shirt on top now grab the bottom side of the shirt and tie it in a loose knot.


This is the Denim Shirt i bought at Just Jeans for only $50

There you go Guys hope this Helps you guys in Styling Your Denim Beauties 🙂

Hello world!

Hello Everyone! My name is Sabrina and im so excited for this blog! im looking forward to writing to everyone who is interested in my blog. i will be writing about Style (Fashion) and Random issues that take place in the world! i also want to write about whats going on in my life lately, i really want to make this blog entertaining. So if You have any questions please by all means ask me anything :). As im just getting started in Blogging, im going to be writing about Styling and Fashion for my first few blogs i will be posting pictures and links to videos for those who want to see visuals. My Goal is to help you guys style with confidence and take out anything that inspires you and can help you define your style better from my posts.

Happy Reading (my Blog) ok that doesn’t make sense anyways in other words Bye Bye, i just realise that my ending sentence is too long now hehehe. ok never-mind Bye. xx