MY apology and Pretty Little Liars Special

Hey peeps, Sorry i did it again (oops i did it again, no Britney shut up) i disappeared again but Ive been super busy these past week, with my return from south America. my life has been packed and im sorry for not taking time of to blog to you guys :(. Anyways in other subjects/news lately, no since always Ive been obsessed with Pretty Little Liars! Its my favorite tv show ever and what makes me love it even more is their fashion. Each character fashion style is so different from each others that i can definitely get so much inspiration when i get dressed in the mornings. OK so lets begin with my PLL fashion special…

Let’s start with Aria Montgomery

Since i first saw aria in season 1 i knew she was a fan of layers and stripes, aria style is very unique, edgy and bohemian with a dash of quirkiness.


here Ive put together some of my favorite Aria looks from season 1. I love the way she mixes prints, and is very unique. The way she puts an outfit is so effortlessly makes u feel how da heck did she put that together.

Spencer Hastings

Spencer is very classy, sophisticated casual. With spencer her style is all about the vintage, she is always seen wearing something uve never seen before. Spencer stye is all about character, one day she could be wearing a cowgirl outfit head to toe she is always plying dress up and i love this about her that she can pull this off perfectly.

Season 1 favorite outfits…

spencerhastings (1)

These girls are my fave pretty little liars they are both classy and edgy with a twist of bohemian sophisticated.

Hanna Marin

She is the ‘it girl, the new queen bee. her is style is spectacularly edgy and sexy. She is all about the accessories. and handbags AND shoes! Hanna has the best shoes. the prettiest and highest! her style involves a lot of the trendy stuff she sets the trends and makes the trends.

hanna marin

Emily Fields

Emily is very casual, In fact the most casual girl in the group she is simple and her outfits always look very comfortable. With Emily her shoes are the best part, she wears a lot of super cool converse, boots, combat boots. Leather jacket loose tanks and denim shirts. I admire her style and she is so fashionable even though she is very casual but she does have an edge with her clothes.

emily fields

Here you go guys. please let me know in the commets who your favorite PLL girl is and why? Also who is your style more similar to is it Aria, Spencer, Emily or Hanna?

xo Sabriina