Spring Casual


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Im Alive + New Fashion Feed

Hello!! I apologize for my dissapearance, ive been super busy as most of you know im in south america (i mentioned this on my last blog) Im having quite a good time i guess although i desperately miss Australia and above all else i miss my baby (my dog) i cant wait to go back! Anyway i will try to keep in touch more and talk less and blog more about fashion (hehe). I will do little updates on how things are going and im going to do be doing a blog about the wonders of Peru. 

So this is whats up, lately ive been really interested in very casual looks. I like comfy but stylish outfits so definetely nothing thats too over the top. So here are some of the outfits that i found on instagram that i absolutely loved (btw follow me on instagram my fashion account @sabriina1112 and my other one is @sabriinaa12)

here they are. ImageImageImageImage


Sabriina xo

Casually Casual

Hello world! so today i decided to write about my personal style (well sort off) i wanted to write about ways that you can have an everyday effortless and still look super awesome and well presented AND still show of your really good taste in clothes look. (wow thats a very long name for a look, oh well :))

Usually what i really like to wear on a daily basis is something that is comfortable but still looks FAB! so a pair of jeans is a must for me i cant live without them and i never want to, to me jeans really show of your personality as there are so many shades, colours and textures that you can wear. My personal favorite type of jeans are skinny ripped jeans. I have a pair which i wear all the time. They are a really light shade of blue so they definitely brighten up your outfit. Another must in my everyday style are either my Sportsgirl converse shoes or my combat boots (you never know when you’re gonna be in combat). i cant remember the last time i didn’t wear them. they are literally the only shoes i wear (i know im a freak).

I really like to mix and match a lot. I think that by fixing different fabrics and patterns you can definitely discover something that you thought would have never looked good and realise that it actually isn’t that bad… In terms of discussing tops and shirts and blouses and tanks, i absolutely go for the shirts or really simple tops and to spicy things up with a really pretty statement necklace or a vest something that will make my outfit standout.

In winter i adore sweaters! they are my best friend when its cold. they come in so many different sizes and colours and the thing is that if its too big it doesn’t matter because thats how the kids wear them these days. they are funky and absolutely adorbs my favorite way of wearing sweater is with nice thick  leggings something that isn’t to overt the top so that way my really funky sweater can stand out. I think that wool cardigans are also very very cool in winter you can style them with jeans or a nice pattern top underneath. I love wearing them with beanies i think that they give you a very cute youthful flair and they look amazing! So now remember that if your sense of style is more of casual all the time it doesn’t mean you cant look mouth dropping extraordinary 😮 (hahaha)

xo Sabriina


ripped skinny jeans, sportsgirl converse shoes and a fun coloured t- shirt


really fun oversize sweater with legging/jeans


Big Funky Cardigan on top of a patterned shirt with legging/jeans