Im Alive + New Fashion Feed

Hello!! I apologize for my dissapearance, ive been super busy as most of you know im in south america (i mentioned this on my last blog) Im having quite a good time i guess although i desperately miss Australia and above all else i miss my baby (my dog) i cant wait to go back! Anyway i will try to keep in touch more and talk less and blog more about fashion (hehe). I will do little updates on how things are going and im going to do be doing a blog about the wonders of Peru. 

So this is whats up, lately ive been really interested in very casual looks. I like comfy but stylish outfits so definetely nothing thats too over the top. So here are some of the outfits that i found on instagram that i absolutely loved (btw follow me on instagram my fashion account @sabriina1112 and my other one is @sabriinaa12)

here they are. ImageImageImageImage


Sabriina xo


Random Thoughts + Summer Fashion

Hello everyone! so lately i’ve been wanting to write about the new things coming up for me. I’ve been just finished all my exams and now it’s time to relax which is why i want to do a little photo shoot on my favourite summer outfits (so definitely keep an eye out for that ). I have more good news im going away at the end of the year to a secret location which i will let you guys know when im there (its a surprise). In other topics im really excited because finally it’s summer and well that means that my birthday is coming soon! (YAY!) and that means that with summer and my birthday amazing outfits to come.

In other news (or what i like to call it Random thoughts) today i wanted to do a post on summer outfit but im just going to include little thoughts on that in this post. Lets begin…

1. Summer means its time to bring out those short shorts so ladies get going and get yours now! they come in so many different designs now e.g. tinted shorts some have the ends coloured in green or purple or other colours. Also the high waist shorts the obviously come from the 90s so the only different thing about the design is that they are shorter and higher on the waist.


2. Sunny Wonderland. that’s right guys I’m talking about the sunnies (sunglasses guys) they are so popular and my personal favorite are the RayBan designs. They are cheaper versions of them but they still rock you eyes out 🙂


3. Silky shirts. I’m referring to the ever so popular no sleeves silky shirts that are now worn by tying them up all the way to the collar (i have an example on my media page) they also come in many designs e.g. accent collar chain or studded, different colour of collar than the rest of the shirt.


4.  Funky T’s. Lately i have been seeing very colour full white T’ shirts they have very cool drawings on them and look very light so they are definitely suitable for summer. I’ve mainly seen these at Sportsgirl so go their website ( ) or the store itself because they have great T’shirts for summer.


Last but not least…

5. The Jewellery. this summer is all about the ‘arm swag’, i talkin about staking bracelets these are so popular and very chic. I myself are a big fan of the ‘arm swag’, i love them. now if you just thrown a bunch of bracelets and bangles together you might find yourself in a bit of a mismatched so i have a few tips.If your outfit is colorful, accent your wrist with coordinating or complementary colors. Go for brights and pastels and intermix a few textures. Dont be afraid to mix and match (as i always say just go crazy with fashion and you can surprise yourself on how good it looks and if it doesn’t then just try again)If you decided on more neutral tones and simplicity, make your accessories bold. Layer gold and silver accents in thin and thick sizes. Spikes, leather wraps, and watches will also take a simple outfit to a whole other level.


I hope you found this helpful and entertaining thank you for reading!

xo Sabriina